A myth until today

In the waters of the island goddess Aphrodite was born as reported by the ancient myth that survives until today. Created from the foam of the organs of God Ouranos in battle with Zeus, fell in the sea of ​​Kythera.

In Orphic religion, which is earlier than the Twelve, detected for the first time the relationship of Kythera with the goddess of love, "the goddess of love Kythereia nurse." This is supported by the origin of the name comes from the verb keftho, which means I have hidden inside me love. Even in ancient times was called Akythiros someone lacking in beauty, while those who did love in Kythera discover the hidden passion of love.

Although Paris and Helen had no need for erotic passion, went to Kythera enjoy the relationship for the unique environment that offers enchanting island and remains unchanged until today.
It is a pleasant surprise for the visitor to discover on island locations such as the traditional valley Mills of Mylopotamos, with springs on their way to forming small waterfalls and ponds covered by ancient plane trees and lush vegetation. It took its name from the water mills that exist there and worked until the period of 70, today a network of old trails and stone traditional bridges lead visitors on routes that will surely be unforgettable.

Between Peloponnese and Crete, Kythera embrace three seas, Myrtoo, Cretan and Ionian, with enchanting beaches some with fine sand, some pebbles, some large and some smaller, but all with blue clear water, so some of them have won awards. But what we have been favorite beach of Paris and Helen?
Did they Paleopolis the largest on the island with fine sand, a few hundred meters discovered an ancient temple that allegedly belonged to Venus and immediately next to the picturesque village Avlemonas. The beach even in the cosmopolitan and picturesque Kapsali consisting of two bays forming omega and has views to the traditional capital of the island Chora with its imposing Venetian castle. Or maybe to the west overlooking the Ionian Sea, the small beach Limionas the traditional fishing village with the cells-houses for boats near the location baths of Aphrodite. I guess the answer be to a pleasant memory which visitor takes with him after an unforgettable summer holiday in Kythera.

The island of celestial Aphrodite and pure Eros

The island is a medium size and has many villages, many of them are located in the hinterland some traditional and some are preserved. The capital is Chora village in the southern part of the island, with many mansions, narrow streets and a large venetian castle with a panoramic view. In the center of the island is the picturesque Potamos with homes affected by the architecture of the Peloponnese and neoclassical elements. Next to the Potamos is the great Byzantine castle town of Paleochora built on a steep rock that the prosperous period almost three thousand people housed and destroyed by the pirate Barbarossa, there still remain important Byzantine churches like the Church of St. Barbara excellent example of Monemvasia style famous for its architecture ideal proportions, public buildings and sections of the city walls. In the center west of the island is the traditional village Mylopotamos, the preserved village of Kato Chora where the homonymous Castle of Kato Choras, where the main street to keep the century-old homes in good condition, creating a setting that makes the visitor to travel back to time.

Immediately after Kato Chora, the road leads to the Cave Saint Sophia of Mylopotamos that impresses visitors with its stone temple at the entrance of the cave which has frescoes of the 13th century depicting St. Sophia with her daughters Love, Hope and Faith, immediately then there is the small chapel of Agia Sophia creates reverent atmosphere. The cave is 550 meters tourist trail and consists of rooms and hallways decorated with stalactites and stalagmites from the prevailing color is shades of gray with touches of yellow.

Voyage to Kythera

Due to the delay in the development of tourism on the island, the visitor has the opportunity to see the villages intact without having to undergo a crowded environment in which we find on most developed tourist islands. You'll also have the opportunity to shop from bazaar local products direct from producers, or to obtain the most famous olive oil rusk, and the famous thyme honey.

Although the song says Kythera will never see them, at journey to Kythera stands a deeper desire to travel in land of utopia, however Kythira each year welcomes new visitors, waiting to be discovered to fall in love!