The natural landscapes, especially those that are of particular natural beauty, function as the facial features, leave their image indelible in our memory.

Myloi Mylopotamos

The enchanting area of Myloi is considered one of the most beautiful in Kythira.

The natural areas of Kythira

Each cave is a unique miracle of nature, but when human activity interferes with it positively, then we have a truly rare result. This is the case of the Cave of Agia Sophia, where the creation of nature was ideally blended harmoniously with human work, which is a pleasant surprise for the visitor as soon as he enters the cave, facing the wall Byzantine hagiographies of the 13th century. The wall has an entrance to the center dividing it into two parts. On the left we see Agia Sophia with her daughters Love, Hope and Faith, and on the right hand the Virgin Mary, Christ and St. John. Moving on our left, we see the Agia Sophia Nadyri in halls with stalactites and stalagmites, emphasizing its sanctity more. The cave has a touristic route of 550 meters full of wonderful natural formations.

Myloi Located in the central and western of the island, in the village of Mylopotamos. The area is a bayonet that starts from the waterfall of Fairy. Throughout its route there is running water, pedestals with small waterfalls, plane trees and very rich Mediterranean vegetation. In the past the abundant running water has made the area a commercial site with the existence of a large number of watermills, and an agricultural farm such as scenery, storks etc. Due to its natural beauty, campsite and fire are forbidden.


The forest at Gerakari on the north side of the island.

The Chytra small rocky island south of the island opposite Kapsali. It has an imposing pyramid-shaped view that magnetizes the eye, and in the southern part of the large cave with blue and violet waters and a tiny beach where seals often find shelter.
In the village of Karavas in the northern part of the island are the springs of Amir Ali in a beautiful natural environment with lush vegetation, lawns with plane trees and running waters.
The Gerakari is located to the north of the island. It starts from the village of Gerakari and extends to many places up to the sea. In fact, it is the forest area of ​​Kythira, rich in pine vegetation and a wide variety of shrubs and plants. In the area, campsite and fire are strictly forbidden.

The Kakia Lagada Paleochora’s large gorge lies west of the island and ends at the homonymous little beach where a small pond is formed with water until the spring, creating a combination of wonderful natural scenery. The path along the gorge is inconvenient and requires mountaineering abilities. In the area, campsite and fire are strictly forbidden.

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