The Antikythira Mechanism


The first GRPS (Global Positioning System) built in history, the Antikythira Mechanism is one of the most fascinating and important archaeological finds. It dates back to around 87 BC. and is considered the first known mechanical computer. The elaborate mechanism could determine the longitude of each region and serve to create reliable maps, from the 2nd c. e.g. [...]

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Why is Kythera the island of the Heavenly Venus?


Kythera has been associated with the goddess Aphrodite and its dedication to this ancient deity for many reasons, making it known as "the island of Ourania Aphrodite". Although the exact reason for this connection may vary according to sources and legends, there are a few main reasons that explain this nickname: Birth of Aphrodite: According to the myth, [...]

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Three days in Kythira


Organize your trip by viewing through our website the attractions, such as the traditional villages, the beaches of the island, the updated itineraries to Kythira, and of course all available accommodation, so you can find the one you like. We advise you that the best thing is that you should have booked tickets and accommodation in Kythira</a >, [...]

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How do I get to Kythira?


There are several ways to get to beautiful Kythira, by air, ferry, or by car from Athens and KTEL Lakonia. Itineraries to Kythera By air: Kythira Alexandros Onassis Airport accepts flights from Athens (EL. VENIZELOS) with Olympic Air, Sky Express, Aegean Airlines. Flight duration is approximately 45 minutes. The frequency of services varies according to the season, with [...]

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The best beaches of Kythira


Kythera, located in the southeastern Aegean Sea, between the Peloponnese and Crete, is an emerging tourist destination, famous for its rich history, the picturesque character of its villages, and its beautiful beaches. Discover the most impressive beaches of Kythira, taking into account aesthetic criteria, geographical features, and available infrastructure. Halkos: A beach ideal for relaxation, with shallow waters, golden [...]

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Spring in Kythira


Kythera is an island located at the southernmost end of the Aegean Sea, between the Peloponnese and Crete. It has an area of 279 sq. km. and a population of about 3,000 inhabitants. The island has a rich history and mythology, as it is believed to be the island of Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty. According to [...]

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Photos from Kythira


Download free photos of Kythera Download photos of Kythira to your computer, in high resolution, so they are even suitable for a screen theme. Our website will from time to time provide different topics, through a wide variety of our collections. The thematic sections concern the traditional villages and settlements of the island, the beautiful beaches, the historical [...]

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Tips for traveling to Kythira


Experience a carefree wonderful summer vacation without stress, planning your trip to Kythera following useful tips which will be useful to you. Kaladi, one of the most beautiful beaches of Kythira. Take care of the timely booking of your accommodation by viewing photos and information, and contacting directly the managers of the accommodation you wish to book. [...]

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Kythera telephone directory


Useful service numbers for Kythera Service Phone Kythera Police Station Potamos Police Department County Court Diakofti Port Authority Kythira Customs (Kapsali) Electricity Management Kythera Airport National Weather Service Archaeological Museum Byzantine Museum Fire Department Kythira Hospital Rural Clinic, Chora Rural Clinic, Karvounadon Veterinary clinic Piraeus Bank (Town) National Bank (Country) National Bank (River) Post Office (Country) Post [...]

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The Baths of Aphrodite


Where are the baths of Aphrodite in Kythira? The island of Kythera is associated with the birth of the myth of the goddess Aphrodite, from the period of mythology When the epic battles between the gods for the conquest of power, created great cosmic upheavals, with a tragic ending after the dispute between Zeus and the father of [...]

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