Where are the baths of Aphrodite in Kythira?

The island of Kythera is associated with the birth of the myth of the goddess Aphrodite, from the period of mythology

When the epic battles between the gods for the conquest of power, created great cosmic upheavals, with a tragic ending after the dispute between Zeus and the father of Uranus, to fall into the sea of the island of the latter’s genital organs, where he was created from their foam the beautiful goddess of love Aphrodite.
From that time period, and generally throughout the period of antiquity, historians, travelers, and those who knew about historical issues, reported that the largest and most worshipful sanctuary of the goddess was located on the island of Kythera.

And since the popular imagination wanted the sight of wandering around the beauties of the island, tasting its wonderful fruits, swimming in enchanting beaches, cooling off in the crystal waters of small waterfalls in enchanting ponds, hidden in coves, among centuries-old plane trees , wild rose bushes, fragrant rosemary and wild laurels, how can one not wonder where this secret place is hidden, from the eyes of prying common mortals, where the view carefree naked enjoyed its bath.

What locations does popular legend preserve as the most suitable for Aphrodite’s baths? Could it be the wonderful Neraida waterfall, which is located at the beginning of the most enchanting trail of the island in the area of Myloi in the traditional village of Mylopotamos. Or maybe a sea pond with calm green waters, just two or three meters from the sea, heading south from the picturesque fishing village of Limnionas, located in the center west of Kythira.

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