Kythera has been associated with the goddess Aphrodite and its dedication to this ancient deity for many reasons, making it known as “the island of Ourania Aphrodite”. Although the exact reason for this connection may vary according to sources and legends, there are a few main reasons that explain this nickname:

Birth of Aphrodite: According to the myth, Aphrodite was born from the waves near Kythera. Legend has it that after her sparkling birth, the goddess arrived on the shores of the island, where she was officially welcomed by the fairies and the Graces.

Tributes to Aphrodite: The ancient Greeks dedicated many of their ancient monuments and sanctuaries to Aphrodite in Kythera. The main one is the temple of Aphrodite on the southeast hill of the island, which was one of the most important temples of the goddess in ancient Greece.

Main cult deity: Venus was the main deity worshiped in Kythera, with the inhabitants giving great importance to the goddess of love and beauty.

Reference in historical texts: The island is also mentioned in ancient texts as the holiest place in Greece, since it was one of the main places of worship of Aphrodite.

Overall, Kythera’s association with the goddess Aphrodite has deep roots in the mythology and history of ancient Greece, and this moniker reflects that tradition and narrative.

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